What Clients have achieved

Gavin M.

I used Martina Felderman’s coaching services in April 2019 and would highly recommend them. From the initial contact via LinkedIn, through to evaluation of options, to actually starting coaching, the experience with Martina was impeccable. She somehow manages to combine highly organized and structured thinking with a creative and flexible approach to generating many, many ideas, suggestions, and sources that lead to real results. She is very easy to work with, respectful but appropriately demanding, and is 100% vested in a successful outcome. Worth every penny and I would  highly recommend working with her if you are serious about moving your business up several levels.

Fractional CFO, Boulder, CO

JameS B.

Martina is one of the best coaches I’ve had the good fortune to work with. Martina is a tremendous collaborator with an amazing creative side. I am impressed by Martina's ability to enable me to find solutions for the most complex problems and to deliver on any challenge that was brought to the table in my 1:1 coaching sessions.
I would jump at an opportunity to work with Martina again and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to work with a strong coach to support you in achieving your goals.

Sr. Director Sales Operations & Strategy, Denver, CO



I have had the pleasure of working with Martina for three months. It was during a time where I was finalizing large projects and I felt a lot of anxiety and stress. Martina helped me to break through my "perceived barriers" and create new perspectives which helped me to achieve a more balanced and successful approach and outcome. I would highly recommend Martina to anyone who is looking for achieving their goals with success while also maintaining balance.

Retail Executive, Miami, FL


Jamie B.

I didn't even know I NEEDED a coach until after my session with Martina. I was able to examine the path I'm presently following and understand the parts that were giving me apprehension, then create a concrete plan to remove the roadblocks and pursue without reservations or doubts my chosen path.

Martina offers an open, encouraging and non-judgmental perspective that helps you realize you have all of the answers within you. I'm so grateful for her coaching.

Professional Photographer, Jacksonville, FL


Anita D.

In my opinion, Martina has found her place in this world as a coach. She asks good questions, is insightful and will call me on my BS when necessary. In addition to being a skillful coach, she's also an amazing person - a complete package. I couldn't be happier with my coaching experience.

HR Business Partner, Denver, CO


Michelle A.

I have known Martina Felderman professionally for many years. She is an extremely dedicated, compassionate and optimistic person. She strives not only to continually improve herself, but she has a gift for helping others maximize their potential. She is perseverant and leads by example. She is perceptive and kind, which makes her a valuable coach and leader. I can wholeheartedly endorse Martina as a professional leadership coach. Her clients will thrive.

MD, Internal Medicine, La Jolla, CA


Monica B.

Prior to working with Martina, I did not think of myself as the sort of person who would benefit from a professional coach.  I also felt stuck and frustrated with a lack of progress on a number of personal and professional goals, so I decided to give coaching a try. After working with Martina, I had either fully accomplished or made enormous gains on all of the objectives we set, including the ones that I had previously felt were totally intractable or nearly out of my control.  

Martina is compassionate, intuitive, patient, and kind.  She is systematic and organized, coming to each meeting with a clear understanding of what I had already accomplished and what still needed to be done.  Each week, I found myself making progress and feeling more motivated and more in control of my life.  

What stood out the most with Martina is how dedicated and personally invested she was in coaching me. She provided gentle but firm accountability. It was obvious in every interaction that coaching is her passion, and her unwavering commitment not only provided a plan and structure for me to work on my goals, but also gave me tools to use in attacking the next set of challenges in my life.

Scientist, San Diego, CA


Sarah A.

I was feeling stuck in terms of personal finances. However, my coaching sessions with Martina helped me to see that I have options and a path forward. Now, instead of feeling pinned down by certain circumstances, I feel empowered and even excited to pursue a clear goal that taps into both my values and potential.

Marketing Research Analyst, Albuquerque, NM