What you are looking to achieve is within your reach!

Breaking free from conventions and stepping out of our comfort zone is daring and creates uncertainty. In order to fulfill our innermost desires and transform our lives, we need to stretch ourselves and take that step. Professional coaching supports you on this journey and opens the door to new perspectives and an authentic life. 

Is this you?

  • You would like to advance your career by growing your leadership presence?

  • You are at a career crossroads and want to transition into a more fulfilling and rewarding role?

  • You are successful in your career, yet struggle to balance time for family and self-care?

My Clients are... 

  • Enthusiastic individuals, committed to taking action and expanding their leadership potential.

  • People who are motivated to align their career with their values or make a bold career change.

  • Business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be successful without sacrificing balance in their life.

Coaching Packages & Assessments

I have a true passion for integrating scientifically proven techniques with holistic approaches to support you in implementing a healthy & balanced lifestyle while giving your best in your career. My customized programs are designed to help you break through barriers and achieve the highest level of success and health.

career Growth & Leadership Development:

3-month package:

- 11x 60 min coaching sessions via phone call,

- ELI assessment and debrief via phone call, 

- email support between sessions.


The 3-Month Package offers you a better understanding on who you are, how you show up as a leader and what your current level of performance is. You will identify strategies that will allow you to be a more effective leader and accomplish more in less time. 

Professional Development & Executive coaching:

6-month package:

- 20x 60 min coaching sessions via phone call,

- ELI assessment and debrief via phone call,

- email support between sessions.


The 6-Month Package offers a deep dive into your belief systems and removing barriers that are getting in your way of tapping into your full potential. This will allow you to show up as a wholehearted leader and implement personal and professional goals that are important to you. We will explore your optimal balance between work and life, one that will energize you. You will learn how to get rid of harmful stress and achieve peak performance. This program is the catalyst to achieving sustainable results and reaching the success and health you’ve always desired.

Please contact me directly for personalized packages.

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